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I grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York where I loved being surrounded by Nature. Exploring the great outdoors became a favorite childhood pastime, including camping and boating. After high school my family moved to the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts, and, of course, my outdoor adventures continued, offering even more opportunities to admire and enjoy the natural beauty around me.

From a young age, I also had fun painting just about anything on just about any surface including chalkboards, paper, canvas–and I’m sure my parents would include the house walls too!

As a young adult, I graduated from Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts, with a degree in Physical Education and Health and began working in that field. I also attended Central Connecticut State University.

When I married and started raising a family, I pursued a variety of related careers that have taken me in many different directions with the added blessing of having lived in beautiful places and making wonderful friendships. 

One of the most influential career positions I enjoyed was working in retail management for the original J. Peterman Co. retail store (yes, the one from Seinfeld) after my husband moved us to Lexington, Kentucky. There I discovered how powerful paintings of everyday objects could be.  Merchandise illustrations in the Peterman catalogs were all featured as original artwork in place of commercial photographs. The drawings allowed the presentation of the merchandise and their stories of origin to resonate visually with its readers on many levels.  For me, they fed my creativity and piqued my interest in pursuing my own art, and I promised myself I would take my creative abilities more seriously when I retired. 

Fortunately for me, I didn’t wait that long! In Tampa, where we’ve lived for the past 16 years, I took the jump and started painting with a greater plan and purpose. I learned a lot through my own trial and error, and I’ve also had wonderful instructors along the way, including one especially beloved mentor.

After my children were grown, my husband and I were able to travel more extensively, which opened my horizons to include Nature’s beauty as seen all around the world. From Singapore to Europe, our travels have continued to influence my art. However, nothing has influenced my style and choice of subjects as much as the natural element of water, particularly oceans, lakes, and rivers.  For me, the tranquility of water is like enjoying the ebb and flow of an old fashioned porch swing. 

My latest series, featuring majestic sailing ships and open seawater, merges cherished visual interests from my youth with expanded insights as an adult, a subject I hope to continue pursuing for years to come.

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